Increasingly disputing parties are looking to instructing an experienced and skilled mediator to help them settle their civil or commercial dispute. Many of the parties that come to us have been caught up in their dispute for months, if not years, costing them valuable time and resources which could be much better spent elsewhere.

Mediation offers a long-lasting, rapid solution that creates real and meaningful resolution. Depending on availability, this is a process that takes only a few hours and can offer a low cost alternative to litigation.   Mediation brings an element of control back to the parties who can decide whether or not to accept the negotiated settlement before them.  The settlement can take into account provisions or terms which a Court would be unable to award.

Here at Emergent Expertise Consultancy, our fully qualified CMC accredited mediators have experience in a wide range of mediations. From landlord and tenant disputes, issues with debts and a wide range of workplace disputes, there is very little we haven’t seen and found a satisfying resolution to. We work in both the civil and commercial sectors so no matter your needs, we can help.

Our mediation services include but are not limited to:

  • Landlord and tenant dispute
  • Neighbour dispute
  • Debt
  • Consumer disputes
  • Workplace disputes
  • Civil and Commercial disputes

If you think our services could benefit you and your organisation, don’t hesitate to contact us. We take pride in being friendly and professional and our passion for helping businesses run smoothly ensures we’ll go above and beyond to help resolve your issues.