At Emergent Expertise Consultancy we provide employment law, human resource and specialist accounting support to employers and employees. We are authorised mediators on disputes at work, handle disciplinary and grievance proceedings, administer payroll services and prepare statutory financial statements. Employees using our services can count on us for advise either in writing (e.g. letters or e-mails) or in person (e.g. accompanying them at hearings, meetings or employment tribunals).

Please note that we are not solicitors. We are a consultancy that provides professional advice and workplace representation.

We always aim to provide a high-quality service and a standard of care to put you at ease.

We are determined to obtain the best outcome for our clients; this also means explaining things clearly, communicating promptly and trying to resolve the case as soon as possible. However, we do not have control over the results of the internal process, but we always seek the best outcome for our clients.

Our aim is to ensure that the service we provide presents value for money to you and everything that you discuss with us or arises in connection with your case is and remains strictly confidential.

If you are dissatisfied in any way with our service that you are receiving, contact us through [email protected].